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COMETSA Spiritual Services Development Agency NPC (Registration No. 2019/511676/08)

  • Type: a non-profit making organization focusing on providing spiritual services, projects, programmes and support to religious and non-religious individuals and organizations from multi-denominations. COMETSA Spiritual Services Development Agency NPC is a not a church movement or a psychological services organization. We support the good intentions, projects and programmes of the organizations and individuals that aim at benefiting the members of the community/society by lifting their spiritual being. We host services, festivals, seminars, workshops, and conferences purposefully aimed at encouraging people to work together.
  • Vision: to develop, promote, support, fund, and sustain programmes, events, projects, seminars, workshops, dialogues, conferences, and services.
  • Mission: By promoting inter-denominational & multi-denominational relationships (individual and organizational)
  • Main objective: coordinate spiritual enrichment programmes; coordinate seminars, services, workshops, dialogues, and conferences on spirituality; source and coordinate funding for spiritual development programmes and projects; run regular spiritual sessions and services; invite spiritual leaders from diverse backgrounds to conduct sessions and services; promote and support spiritual music and artists (individuals and groups); promote and encourage collaboration among diverse spirituality formations