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COMETSA Social Services Development Agency NPC (Registration No.)

  • Type: a non-profit making organization partnering with likeminded private and public organizations in maximizing the usage of social services support and multiplying the positive impact thereof.
  • Vision: To transition people from over dependence on social services and grants, to a more self-supporting style. For those who cannot be transitioned will be assisted to maximize the usage of the social services and multiple its impact on their life. This will include life & business coaching and mentoring to explore career development opportunities. For the elderly that are supporting their children and families with the social services grants, we will focus on the education and career development of these children and family members.
  • Mission: By restoring dignity to the recipients of social services and grants. Influencing Government policy development and creating capacity for the providers of the social services. And by contributing to the development of human capital in the social services sector.
  • Main objective: to help people to move away from overdependence on social grants and services, where they can do so; augment the public and private social services by mobilizing, sourcing and coordinating additional resources for good courses; source and coordinate funding to support social services programmes; restore dignity to those who are solely dependent on social services; lobby and influence government policy makers on social services matters; contribute to capacity development in the social services sector; partner with government agencies to ensure quality service delivery; promote public private partnerships in the social services sector; contribute directly to bettering living conditions of the destitute people; assist people in transitioning out of over dependence on social services and grants; support the shelters, old age homes, and similar structures in the communities; mobilize volunteers to augment the government social services initiatives; conduct and/or coordinate research work and benchmarks in the social services sector; provide internship opportunities for the students studying social sciences; facilitate social services exchange programmes between South Africa and other countries.