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The Members of COMETSA Friends & Supporters Club NPO (Registration No. 046-705-NPO).

Identify the PROGRAMME that is relevant to your interests, development areas and professional career direction from the list below and follow their groups and/or pages on FACEBOOK and participate actively in them.

Associates Development Programme

Friends & Supporters Development

Youth Empowerment Network

Entertainment, Sport & Recreation

Research Project – Village Sport Clubs SA

Graduate Entrepreneurship Programme

Mafrika Development

Music, Art & Culture

Capacity Development

Human Capital & Talent Mobility

Heritage & Legacy Preservation

Professional Networks & Forums

Coaching, Mentoring & Consulting

Executive Coaches Network

In Conversation with Coach (Sam Tsima)

Women Empowerment Network

Professional Management Services

Spiritual Services Development

Development Agencies Consolidated

Development Agencies Administration

Individual, Organization & Community Development

Sekhukhune District Special Projects:

Greater Sekhukhune - Gauteng Regions Development Forum

Greater Sekhukhune Studies & Careers Readiness Programme:

Greater Sekhukhune Community Re-investment Programme

Jane Furse Sekhukhune Development Football Club